Day 6

Hello, my paleotastic friends!

I’ve completed another day in the Whole 30 challenge, and that means I am one fifth of the way in! I understand I don’t post complex recipes or foods that are a paleo recreation of normal foods, and that is simply because the lifestyle stresses eating as simply and with as little production as possible. So, if you’re planning on taking the challenge on, or if you are already doing it, I strongly recommend you don’t try to recreate the bad foods (e.g. Caramel Macchiatos, chocolate cake etc.) that got you into this state to begin with!

I one again stuffed myself to the brim with watermelon and I’m beggining to think this is affecting the results, because their so full of fructose.  Even though these sugars are completely natural, I still think I should only be eating them in moderation so in the next few days I’m planning on cutting down my fruit intake a bit.

Lunch was absolutely delicious: Grilled fillet steak, boiled vegetables and (of course) sweet potatoes.

I had a really busy day and wasn’t in the mood to make a huge dinner, so I simply had 2 boiled eggs with some carrots and cucumber.


I also had time to practice yoga yesterday with my yoga buddy and we ended up taking some cool photos aside from working out! Headstand anyone?

eagle headstand 2



Namaste friends!



Day 5

Bonjour awesome people!

So another day another accomplishment! We had guests round for coffee in the afternoon and there was cakes, trifles and sweets surrounding me, but I persevered and I’m proud! I also managed to fit a Spinning class in between studying and entertaining so overall today was paleoperfect!

1 boiled egg, a strip of bacon (Bacon is good for me!) fried in its own fat and half a sweet yellow pepper.  The fact that I can have bacon for breakfast and not feel like I’m sabotaging myself is one of the beauties of paleo. I was so happy, I even made the food smile back at me 🙂

Grilled pork chops and a huuuuge garden salad with avocado.  All of this was seasoned heavily with an array of herbs including turmeric, because if you read my previous post, reposted from the beautiful Kellie  (food to glow) “a daily dose of turmeric is a jolly good idea!”

As previously mentioned, watermelon is basically a national pride for us Cypriots (seriously, it’s heaven) so at the coffee I basically scoffed my face with endless amounts of watermelon and honeydew melon.  I know I’m not supposed to go made with the fruit while on paleo, but I can’t help myself! It’s too good!


Anyway, so hope you’re all having a nice day! Until tomorrow!

Day 4

Another day, another victory!

I’m getting more used to the food and the lack of sugary treats and already I’ve noticed a huge change in myself! My skin is clearer, my pores less clogged and (although I know I shouldn’t have) I weighed myself this morning and within 4 days I have already lost 3kg! How crazy is that?! I know it’s all mostly water weight that was causing the bloating, but I think it’s a huge achievement and now I’ve already lost just under half the weight I was hoping to!

Just your standard 2 boiled eggs with half a red pepper

Roast chicken breast, roasted sweet potatoes (they are AMAZING) and a simple salad with avocado

I made a chicken salad from what was left over at lunch and also snuck in a couple sweet potatoes too.  I am seriously loving this lifestyle change, the food is so tasty and filling.

In Cyprus, watermelon is almost considered a synonym to summer.  You eat it morning, day and night because (prod patriot alert) we have the best watermelons.  So today to officially start the summer I cut up a watermelon and while I’ve only pictured what I was supposed to eat, it was so good that I kept going back and ended up eating almost half a whole melon! But that’s the great thing about paleo! I was allowed to and I felt no guilt over doing it.


So until tomorrow, be safe my paleo friends!