The Start is Always Daunting

Hey lovely people!

So following a mid-examination period stress-related breakdown, I’ve decided I need to treat my body properly, filling it only with real, good food and appreciating it the way I should.  The Whole30 challenge, or the caveman diet, is a way for me to say thank you to my body for all the stress I put it under and also (hopefully) to lose the few pounds I’ve put on through stress eating and get the body I’ve always wanted!

In order to create a sense of accountability and to trap myself into completing the challenge properly, I’m going to be sharing my journey with you, updating you on my daily meals, workouts and Paleo recipes and tracking the changes I see in my body.  It is therefore, regretfully, my duty to post my before photo (note the sad face) and hopefully at the end of the journey, there will be a jaw dropping after photo (with a happy face!)

I’d like for this page to be a beacon of positivity and happiness, hopefully with you commenting your tips and sharing your own pages for me to check in on! Here’s to a wonderful 30 days!

Day 1: 63kg and quite obviously bloated and sad
Day 1: 63kg and quite obviously bloated and sad