Day 7

A whole week has passed and I feel Ah-mazing.
Okay, I guess if I didn’t have a multitude of exams this week I’d feel much better, but c’est la vie!

Before my exam I needed protein to keep me going to I cooked up and omelette with one egg and one egg white and ate with a tomato

Lunch was baked salmon (Brain food!) sweet potato and a refreshing salad

For dinner I made another lovely green salad with avocado and cucumber and added 2 strips of bacon and a quarter of an apple.  It was the perfect combo of salty and sweet, definitely recommend!



Day 5

Bonjour awesome people!

So another day another accomplishment! We had guests round for coffee in the afternoon and there was cakes, trifles and sweets surrounding me, but I persevered and I’m proud! I also managed to fit a Spinning class in between studying and entertaining so overall today was paleoperfect!

1 boiled egg, a strip of bacon (Bacon is good for me!) fried in its own fat and half a sweet yellow pepper.  The fact that I can have bacon for breakfast and not feel like I’m sabotaging myself is one of the beauties of paleo. I was so happy, I even made the food smile back at me 🙂

Grilled pork chops and a huuuuge garden salad with avocado.  All of this was seasoned heavily with an array of herbs including turmeric, because if you read my previous post, reposted from the beautiful Kellie  (food to glow) “a daily dose of turmeric is a jolly good idea!”

As previously mentioned, watermelon is basically a national pride for us Cypriots (seriously, it’s heaven) so at the coffee I basically scoffed my face with endless amounts of watermelon and honeydew melon.  I know I’m not supposed to go made with the fruit while on paleo, but I can’t help myself! It’s too good!


Anyway, so hope you’re all having a nice day! Until tomorrow!