Day 4

Another day, another victory!

I’m getting more used to the food and the lack of sugary treats and already I’ve noticed a huge change in myself! My skin is clearer, my pores less clogged and (although I know I shouldn’t have) I weighed myself this morning and within 4 days I have already lost 3kg! How crazy is that?! I know it’s all mostly water weight that was causing the bloating, but I think it’s a huge achievement and now I’ve already lost just under half the weight I was hoping to!

Just your standard 2 boiled eggs with half a red pepper

Roast chicken breast, roasted sweet potatoes (they are AMAZING) and a simple salad with avocado

I made a chicken salad from what was left over at lunch and also snuck in a couple sweet potatoes too.  I am seriously loving this lifestyle change, the food is so tasty and filling.

In Cyprus, watermelon is almost considered a synonym to summer.  You eat it morning, day and night because (prod patriot alert) we have the best watermelons.  So today to officially start the summer I cut up a watermelon and while I’ve only pictured what I was supposed to eat, it was so good that I kept going back and ended up eating almost half a whole melon! But that’s the great thing about paleo! I was allowed to and I felt no guilt over doing it.


So until tomorrow, be safe my paleo friends!


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