Day 3

So today was a whirlwind and I’m finally able to sit down at 12:54 am.

My day has been hectic and tiring but absolutely wonderful because I pushed beyond my comfort zone and tried something new: SUP yoga! This is yoga that is performed on a paddle board in the depths of the sea and, I must say, it was an invigorating experience! It also burns between 500-700 calories an hour so that was my exercise for the day!

I was on the go at 6am so I only managed to take with me a banana and a handful of cashews along with my heavenly iced coffee (Thanking my lucky stars that coffee is allowed on paleo!)

For lunch I met with my parents at a restaurant and thankfully managed to eat all paleo! We shared a meat platter, grilled vegetables and I also had some Sashimi salad (without the dressing)

My lack of sleep led me to snack avidly after lunch, so after a multitude of nuts and dried fruit, I wasn’t hungry enough to make dinner. I also went to a friend’s birthday tonight and (defying all odds) was able to completely avoid inhaling all the pizza and brownies (Score!)


And that concludes day 3! I must say, I did fancy a bit of cake tonight, but exercising my discipline is also a goal that paleo is helping me work towards, so I’m really proud that I was able to stay in control.


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