Day 2:

So day two is done and done! I must say, today I feel amazing!

No sugar withdrawal symptoms or anything just energy and happiness (Om Shanti)

Two boiled eggs, half a carrot, a cucumber and leftover tuna salad

Salmon, roasted sweet potatoes, peppers and a small garden salad

Carrots, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes in an avocado dip.

*I’m a huge snacker so after lunch I munched on some nuts and sultanas and so by dinner I’m never too hungry. The platter was shared with my best friend 🙂

Strawberries and a handful of cashews and sultanas (not pictured)

All the foods were smothered in cayenne pepper, which I love love love, adding that extra zing!

Day 2
Day 2

I also went to the gym for some HIIT in the form of GRIT and felt awesome for the rest of the day.  The my yoga buddy came before dinner and we spent an hour contorting our bodies into pretzels before enjoying our paleoliscious lunch.  All in all I’m feeling only positive vibes, if the rest of the journey continues as so, it will be a breeze.

Goodnight lovely people!


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